How Unfair processes my data?

Data privacy

  • Unfair adheres to GDPR privacy standards
  • When taking the OBA (online brain analysis) questionnaire, it is specifically mentioned who (besides you) will have access to your OBA results upon completion
  • At all times, you may request the deletion of your data by sending an email to

IT security

  • All data collected by Unfair is encrypted using the 256-bit AES protocol (protocol also used by the army and banks)
  • All Unfair team members and providers are using two-factor authentication
  • Unfair team’s computers are all using the 256-bit AES protocol to encrypt their data
  • Unfair team’s passwords are changed multiple times a year
  • User data is saved in encrypted form on several locations

What happens to my data after completing the questionnaire?

  • Only Unfair and the person(s) you have agreed to give your results access to, will be able to see your results and personal information you entered when completing the analyis (such as your name, job position, company).
    The raw data you have provided (such as your specific answers to the questions) will be kept private within the Unfair team only and will not be shared with anyone else
  • Unfair does not make money by reselling data
  • Your employer does not have access to your data unless you accept it when completing the analysis or sending an email to after completion

Use of data for statistical purposes

  • Some data is collected for statistical purposes such as gender or date of birth
  • This data, once anonymized, may be used for research purposes

If you have any question, you can contact us at