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Why some of your brain zones have low activity (and why it is normal)

In the analysis Unfair uses to help founders and investors, a bird’s eye view map of the brain is provided. Some people tend to think the more active brain zones they have, the better. In this article we will explain why reality is more complex than just that.

The OBA is not a diagnostic test

The goal of the OBA is not to get a profile that checks as many brain zones as possible!

Just because you have more “active brain areas” does not mean you are smarter or better than others (nor worse).

Some behaviors simply require the active use of several areas at the same time, while some others rely on one single area of the brain.

The Care behavior relies on the T5 zone only, whereas the Accuracy behavior may require one to four active “F zones” (from F3 to F8)

The number of active zones does not matter

Hence, the number of active zones in the brain does not matter, especially since the OBA (online brain analysis) is a statistical estimate of your brain activity. In reality, each brain is unique!


Unfair uses neurological data to help VCs make better investments. Through an online brain analysis, Unfair gives VCs more awareness about their decision-making process and helps them assess founders with the same technology.